Prada Baby Bag Color Black

Nylon such a theory should not be linked with the luxury material, Miuccia Prada “proud” creative transformation, the official has become one of the classic luxury handbag material. Lightweight, excellent toughness, so that the handbag has a great capacity. Buy nylon bag of you, is also is feel is “worth” before to buy of? Nylon material Miuccia Prada is applied to the handy to nylon as long as the material, as well as rely on nylon material to achieve the new design of the handbag is more and more. Such as Tessuto Gaufre Satchel this handbag, which is commonly known as the “fold bag”, the bag ith a lot of folds to decorate, chic and lovely, but also for the Replica handbag design provides a new way of thinking. And in addition to nylon material, there are leather versions to choose from.

Replica Prada Handbags is a fashion design family, Miuccia Replica prada Handbags was born in this family, she is destined to fashion and a lifetime edge. Her little name is Miumiu. At the age of 20, Miumiu met a street painter, looks very handsome, but also very talented, they both love at first sight. Miumiu’s family decided that she could not marry him, but the girl is very rebellious, decided to run away and love. They rented a plane, ready to escape to Greece to get married. However, as if in the Romeo Juliet’s love is no good ending spell, as the flight, the plane failed. The pilot backed a parachute, jumped first, the painter to the Miumiu back a parachute, and then discovered that the parachute actually only two. Miumiu decided to die with her boyfriend, but her boyfriend took her out of the cabin. She was rescued, returned home, but since then life and death with her boyfriend separated, never seen him.

Later, Miumiu became a famous fashion designer, married a very business-minded name of the door, her ideas and his logical thinking of the wall together, the Prada family business is very good. Iumiu also founded their own brand, called Miumiu, Prada is a tributary brand. In this way, 20 years have passed. One day, MiuMiu received a letter, the letter sandwiched a very beautiful picture.

The letter was actually written by him! The day the plane landed at sea, he was able to survive. He said in the letter: I just want to let you know, I also live well. But I will not tell you where I am, please do not find me. Because, I have beyond recognition, but also lost my right hand. Over the years, I have been practicing drawing with the left hand, in order to one day put the beautiful painting again in front of you. Miumiu suddenly burst into tears. MiuMiu and looking for many years, but ultimately failed to find him. As a result, MiuMiu with the collection for many years, the top of her first love life parachute in exchange for the design of a tote bag replica, that is, the famous Replica Prada bag series.

Today, many women are competing to have a Replica Prada Baby Bag Color Black Nero, and this nylon bag behind the story, little-known. Prada dazzling performance is mainly due to Prada design and modern life style of water and milk blending, not only in the fabric of the cloth, but also in the fabric of the human body, , Color and style of work, the philosophy behind the design of life coincides with the modern pursuit of personal practical and popular aesthetic dual mentality between the perfect balance between function and aesthetics, not only the fashion trend of the show, it is the ultimate modern aesthetics. PRADA is committed to creating both classic colors and innovative spirit of the fashion concept, and the pursuit of perfection for each product in the twenties and thirties of the last century by the European kings and nobles. This ladies handbag with nylon material, with black tone, the integration of fashion elements and retro atmosphere, luxury and elegance, is definitely the most beautiful fashion travel equipment, bringing unique elegance, Dress up the new season fashion.

Nero (black) nylon.
Zip top.
Top handles.
Removable shoulder strap.
Double outside pockets and compartments.
Interior zip pocket.
Includes baby blanket.
12.3 “H x 14” W x 7 “D.
Made in Romania of Italian material.
About Prada:
Prada was founded in 1913 in Milan by Mario Replica Prada Handbag and was originally known as Prada Brothers. In 1978, Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia Prada led the company’s expansion into distinctive clothing that quickly became a favorite among celebrities worldwide. Currently, Prada is one of the most influential Clothing lines in the fashion industry, with an iconic collection that includes sunglasses, handbags, and shoes in addition to men and women clothing.