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The latest Replica Cartier Handbags and Van has become a global star children are one of the hottest bags, but also appeared frequently in the street shooting photographer under the lens. Whether it is from Hollywood ? Anne Hathaway, or from the East Ny; from the southern hemisphere, the Brazilian supermodel Fernanda Motta, Germany to the Nordic fashion editor; also, or the streets of Paris that arty girl, will use a Marcello de Cartier to accompany him to play different roles in life. Graduated from New York University ? Anne Hathaway beautiful temperament known as known, is now 27 years old, she has created a lot of success in his movie career. Recently she also keen to mix and match styles. Simple blue T-shirt, jeans with a striped scarf wide, but her range of flavor is her shoulders this latest Replica Cartier handbags. Hit the color effect of bright red and blue produce fascinating, Marcello iconic corners and simple contour ? Anne Hathaway as the overall shape to enhance the tough feeling.

From the “Palace” to “My Fair Lady” from Baby Vox to frontline actors, with age, 26-year-old Ny skill to control the growing fashion, modeling has become increasingly Fan flavor. Replica Cartier Evening Bag white chiffon shirt with a black vest and leggings, a red Replica Cartier Marcello bag is to break the monotony of black and white conservative sense of style, and people see that deviant and full of a rational Ny. Brazilian model living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Fernanda Motta, although already 29 years old and have been further as the marriage hall, but as a supermodel, she is still active in the T station, at the same time, she was Brazil’s Next Top Model host. Accompany her busy and fulfilling life is this Cartier Marcello de Cartier. The unique design of the bag both casual and elegant, she freely shuttle in different roles in life. New York in the traditional concept, most people just want to estimate the Cartier store to buy jewelry at Tiffany & Co store to buy accessories; Handbags Louis Vuitton just want to buy Which is better, Hermes Birkin how to customize a package however. you know, in this era of individuality, buy jewelry brand bags back to back, is considered unique ah! Style still beautiful, still good material, still work fine, hit the bag a small risk. So, today I come to you recommend 10 models jewelry big handbag, you know, how can there be so confined fashion ah!

Pia Sundermann am 31 years old, lives in Berlin’s Mitte district, she had long for the German version of “Vanity Fair” as a fashion editor, cash her own company, founded his own fashionable website One of the most successful career woman, but every day and dealing with a great variety of stylish, Pia unique insights for fashion seems to have dissolved on Marcello de Replica Cartier Handbags love. Paris female artist she is a painter, a singer, but also a dance enthusiast. 30. Ara Starck been to London, to the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Slade School of Fine Arts, University of London study, also visited New York, where to find and develop their own style. Cartier Evening Bag Replica finally returned to Paris, set up a studio.

Although the exhibition has been held three times, but still continue to explore a novel and a personal style of creation of the road. For her, the favorite who is riding a bike in the Louvre courtyard Cali circling, then inadvertently burst of inspiration to those installed in her red Marcello de Cartier years. The newest series Marcello Marcello de Cartier Although designed for women style, creative inspiration is from a male leather, shoulder flip cover, like a briefcase, assistance package goods in order, although hasty departure is not afraid of chaos confusion, Baoshen soft, feminine return, there are hollow and pins decorated corners and seams in the same color. The strap can adjust the length of the bag, while three sizes design. The basic materials are cattle, sheep and expansive python skin, etc., to impose handmade tanning, leather is soft, like claiming the second layer of skin.

Chinese shoppers are buying fewer Prada replica bags

It looks like China doesn’t wear Prada any more.

The Italian luxury brand Prada reported a 26.6% fall in net income in 2016 on Friday, blaming weak sales in China for the slump.

“Difficult times on Asian markets had a significant impact on sales performance throughout the region, especially in Hong Kong and Macau where reductions in local consumption and in the flow of tourism hit harder than elsewhere,” the group said in a statement on Friday.

Prada shares have collapsed 42% in the past 12 months, after concerns about the health of China’s economy and the ability of its consumers to continue splurging on luxury items – started to emerge.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s crackdown on corruption has also hit other premium brands, because wealthy officials are less likely to buy expensive items.

Asia Pacific is the most important market for Prada outlet, with the region making up a third of the group’s global sales. Prada reported sales of just over $1 billion in the 12 months to the end of January in the region, a decline of 16.1% compared to 2014, including currency fluctuations.

The company also blamed the Paris terror attacks, social and political tensions worldwide, and currency fluctuations for its poor results. Prada said those market conditions are still present, making any forecast for 2016 uncertain.

Prada is not the only luxury brand hit by the Chinese slowdown. Hermes, Burberry, Hugo Boss, and others also reported weaker sales amid the concerns about China’s slowing economic growth.

Gucci Pilgrim Mini Replica Bags

Gucci Replica HandBags 2017 struck a sweet spring and summer series of bags, Bruno Frisoni brand creative director in the most simple theme as a starting point, the interpretation of “love,” the eternal topic. T-Shirt Love series of three iconic brands into a single product have deep affection, as an expression of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts is also very good! Classic brand handbag Miss Viv ‘playing visual effects, on a white leather red tone add a touch of elegance, the deduction of the colored part of the heart-shaped pattern made within the framework of the same color combination, highlight feminine. The same design on the Mini Buckle ?handbag even more extravagance but yet elegant, hand bag with gold chain strap embellishment on both sides, as you dotting different shapes. Pilgrim since its launch has been favored by many celebrities, slender lines with Weiwei Ya most classic diamond buckle, can easily manage with any evening, this chic white lace embroidery section Pilgrim dazzling, the interpretation of luxury and technology to the extreme. Paint Box simple lines, mirror lozenge design in light refraction exquisite, gorgeous, pure white dress with a full elegant charm.

This season the brand’s iconic handbags use elements to create. Miss Viv ‘handbag was born in 2009, the Gucci Roger Weiwei Ya fifties style for the first time were remodeling the square handbag designed to make it more concise lines, more urban feel and functionality. The new Miss Viv ‘for the use of many iconic elements, such as leather flip symmetrical, one side decorated with the iconic metal buckle, the other side is embossed design, lightweight and convenient. Its strap is shorter, wider and easy to use shoulder. Color and geometry complementary: Miss Viv ‘Mirror mirror with silver leather bag with white, while the two-color models Miss Viv’ Bandeau places black leather strips wrapped buckles. There are orange and burgundy crocodile snake pattern models, giving Miss Viv ‘hint of luxury atmosphere. Prismick in spring and summer 2015 launch leisure shopping bags, leather is extremely soft, in the continuation of the aesthetic concept while stitching adds practicality, meticulous stitching pin holes showing the natural folds, with a great sense of bright yellow spring and summer, bringing different kind of effect. Color stitching concept shines, Good-Lock envelope bag interpretation by a variety of colors, dark gray and light gray with a feel elegant, geometric milky white and bright pink embellishment makes this simple atmospheric envelope pack a little more clever, U-Look package shall also show the two tone, retro sophistication.

Designed to create fun and unique symbol logo buckle, what new changes it fun? It comes to new and interesting pattern marks. Gommette Flats around a warm word and the world-wide has been transformed – that is, LOVE, decorated with heart-shaped and “LOVE” printed words were decorated asymmetry around the feet, extraordinary taste. A series of polka dots are also used to adorn each shoe, to create a colorful appearance, bringing a unique wearing experience, coupled with classic fun pattern square buckles, addictive. French luxury craftsmanship reproduction: extremely luxurious dinner series elements and concepts using abundant light will Replica Gucci Handbags virtuosity demonstrated most vividly – amber stone and stained glass to create a transparent resin Bo?te de Nuit handbag reminiscent since goggles, Bruno Frisoni use pixel python prints and fine art full sense of the elegant design details such as sequins layer, which intoxicated. Sphere Clutch sheepskin on the basis of the use of extraordinary color production process, the white dots and vivid graphic rendering exclusively bring vitality and facial stones embedded in the Sphere buckles, dazzling . Miss Viv ‘Night brings more color in the spring and summer series, the iconic buckles to the interpretation of the same by the stones, the perfect combination of design and craftsmanship of luxury, the elegance of femininity.

Paris Weiwei Ya women have feelings, broaden their horizons and airy aesthetic style, they are sexy and cute in their lives. Gucci Roger Weiwei Ya brand outstanding artistic heritage and tradition of excellence in the areas of expertise that it expanded from shoes and handbags to small leather goods, jewelry and sunglasses, and gradually developed into a world-renowned luxury accessories brand. Weiwei Ya elegant style highly respected women, creative director Bruno Frisoni more for the brand into a new fashion and artistic elements in each quarter, continuing to explore and enrich Gucci design and concept.

Super Quality Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Replica Handbags

Replica Bottega Veneta Handbags fashion aesthetic is subtle and detailed, because people appreciate Bottega Veneta, both with self-confidence, elegance and loyal to their own style of personal qualities, when your own initials are enough, when your title is sufficient to show identity, will no longer pursuit pompous pretense. The year is approaching, the gentleman sportsman who have set foot on the way out to go home yet? Also, or you have a good plan in the New Year to a short trip? Anyway, for lightweight travel, the leather bag is definitely the best portable good partner on the journey. What a fancy men’s bag without complex, high quality leather, top craftsmanship, luxurious texture is enough.

Replica Bottega Veneta bags by eight water snake and three sheep Seiko secret agents. This practical atmospheric shopping bag with soft nappa and precious water snake manual compiled, highlighting the contrast effect, decorated with coral, water snakeskin trim handle. Suede lining, with hand-carved clip closure, a large zipper pocket and leather ornaments mirror. Initials Initials combination of hand-woven Bottega Veneta intrecciato lambskin beauty and uniqueness of initials, a selection of leather goods in four colors to match a variety of color sorting letters. Ms. England selection contains two intrecciato lambskin shopping bags, wallets variety, incorporating a variety of package and other small leather goods, a belt. Men’s options include shopping bags, messenger bags, a side bag, two wallets and a belt. Initials Initials service also extends to luggage and travel series, covering the push car trunk, luggage bags, carry luggage, documents and grooming admission package admission package. Each one is in the top of the lamb leather hand-woven, with suede lining, showing a unique feel and lightweight appearance. Bottega Veneta label of “intrecciato” with the use of leather weaving section bags, leather harsh brand of choice and use of superior texture make this bag, black metal, straps and other details of the design low-key stable. Overly large silhouette make this package to use for business and travel time.

Bottega Veneta has always been unique, distinctive colors to stand out in the marketplace, in Initials initials service, the color is also one of its characteristics. Whether it is color selection of leather colors or letters are selected rich saturated color coveted. Overall service process is as follows: When you choose the product you want to buy finished, you can pick your favorite color from four colors of leather. Select Ms. including black, brown, red and classic white; men of color selection including black, brown, star indigo, small leather goods, there are cinnabar red. Luggage and travel accessories Available in black, brown, blue ink, cinnabar red. There are eight letters color options: white, black, brown, indigo, sunset yellow, red, pink and classic Irish green. Customers Optional one color for all color selection Initials initials letters, or that random mash. When customers buy a gift for someone but do not know each other when a middle name, Bottega Veneta also provide customized abbreviated first and last name only two letters of personalized service. Bottega Veneta has always been its “understated elegance” acclaimed. No label Bottega Veneta similar goods in a public still burning bright to the eye, with the luxury of its genuine quality. The zipper closure style woven lambskin clutch using refined, the longer the use, the more significant precious quality. Facilitate the admission of various belongings. This wallet has a lot card, but also to the overall style in weaving technology, must have a very low-key luxury status.

Maintenance of knowledge:
1. Fabric bags easily set in the course of the ash, so vacuuming regularly with other tools are not free of dust. But not close to the canvas with a brush, so as not to remain in the cloth booties.
2. If there are dirty spots on the fabric can be washed with water supplies towel wash and wring a little wet, wipe dirty spots can be repeated times until clean. And then rinse and wring the towel semi wipe dry naturally.
3. Washed, wrapped with a towel dry water, and finally drying front to dry for the best.
4. Should be careful to protect all metal parts, damp and salty environment will become oxidized.
5. Regularly go to a professional maintenance services for maintenance of luggage, bags can maintain life.