Gucci Vivier Micro Metro Replica Handbags UK

Roger Vivier shoes and bags, which belongs to the famous French brand, enjoying its world praise and support. Its design has a unique style, captured the hearts of a large female fashion. It is quite surprising charm and style like fashion by the community in which to introduce a simple but sexy style full of a Roger Vivier Spring “Micro Metro” red bag.

The bag’s exquisite and elegant design models cute, especially for women with. Large red color, bright and colorful, directly stimulate people’s attention, dazzling. England embossed leather satchel increases the material texture of this, I feel the grade on the atmosphere, they feel very comfortable on the edge of a black car suture bag full of personality seem to enrich the content of this satchel shape, it is chic. Do the old sense of the metal square buckle clasp and do the same old texture of the metal back chain with big red bag body sexy and full of harmony. Engraved with the letters RV square buckle like Replica Roger Vivier Handbags in declaring this bag belongs to its unique. The satchel full of personality is very suitable for use in the spring and summer season, giving a feeling of joy, but also fashion your only choice.

Combibloc famous Micro Metro elongated rectangular version, this bag also holds all the features: the bag and the bag cover numerous intervals, practicality called urban women really good partner. United States with stud version called Rider. Roger vivier 2011 new winter bags, Baoshen fur material, with elegant light gray color, the overall shape of large and simple, the central metal clasp closure, easy to carry, at the top of fine leather hand strap, creating a whole strong retro fashion sense, is very suitable for day and night walk in the trend of cutting-edge women.

Daily package shall recommend: Metro Square series set men’s masculine and feminine in a soft, there are small and medium-sized bag models to choose from. Founder shape, practical clamshell, charming handle, compact and flexible use of buckles straps, all the elements are extremely suitable for the workplace of fashionable women. Color and material, there is a golden mosaic python skin, black and white one thousand Bird pony hair and ruby red or midnight black leather to choose from. Just lightly pressed with your finger can carry travel leisurely elegance with very avant-garde style. Micro Metro Envelope Clutch and painted a large one thousand Bird or the Prince of Wales plaid pattern, pony hair material for urban design into pure energy. More daring style is decorated with colorful Wallpaper pattern, and color camouflage places clutch elements to create a sense of mystery.

Replica Roger Vivier Handbags creative director Bruno Frisoni classic creation major reshuffle in the season to launch a variety of unique design, the groups will seriously decent into neutral of both sweet and sexy goddess. Famous actress Tilda Swinton good old will inject modern fashion, so that the trend of the past revived; Frisoni inspiration from her this gift, and add a touch of style Swinton intellectual charm for Sexy Cult series. Swinton’s performance mysterious exudes nostalgia ray Qingsi; and this contrast, Bruno Frisoni will “yesterday” and “today” linked to performance artists from Germany and the representative felt –Joseph Beuys artwork for inspiration in suede with leather and mirror it to be re-interpreted.