Fashion Designer Roger Vivier Prismick Handbags Cheap Recommend

Roger Vivier’s Prismick series of bags, three-dimensional geometric patterns bag body design, looks kind of stunning 3D effect! Speaking of Replica Roger Vivier Handbags brand, everyone will think it’s heels. Since the 1960’s, Roger Vivier shoes was Catherine Deneuve, Marlene Dietrich, the Duchess of Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II, and even through, simply ladies favorite.

2012, Prismick handbag family was born, the overall design style is irregular geometric diamond, quickly welcomed by everyone not only has become a landmark. Prismick each advertised only by Mania bag handmade by craftsmen made, each with a bag will need to use more than 20 feet of leather raw material production, production craftsmen need to spend a few days time, in order to form a unique 3D effect fine stitching detail edging. Prismick family-owned handbag features different models: Prismick Micro metal sequins or mirror chain bag, Prismick Maxi is the end of last year to join the new members handbag, Prismick Clutch evening bag is the extravagance of his hand. Of course, the pattern is amazing handmade Prismick the price has continued to rise, the basic price of more than $ 20,000, chic and expansive it a hundred percent, but eye-catching styling index artifact! UK For the most gorgeous spring than stitching color, the use of classic black and white colors hit a different fashion sense, this body for printing Fan goddess look good.

Girls do not like large bags, you can learn Sienna Miller with a number of packages of pure color. United States that is practical and wild, the overall design of the use of a diamond checkered, very classic simplicity. Roger Vivier creative director Bruno Frisoni classic creation major reshuffle in the season to launch a variety of unique design, the groups will seriously decent into neutral of both sweet and sexy goddess. Famous actress Tilda Swinton good old will inject modern fashion, so that the trend of the past revived; Frisoni inspiration from her this gift, and add a touch of style Swinton intellectual charm for Sexy Cult series. Swinton’s performance mysterious exudes nostalgia ray Qingsi; and this contrast, Bruno Frisoni yesterday and today will be linked to performance artists from Germany and the representative felt –Joseph Beuys artwork for inspiration, with suede mix of leather and mirror it to be re-interpreted.

Replica Roger Vivier Prismick Handbags Mirror package, whether it is day or night, full of urban and artistic Paris woman proudly Prismick classic series back in the shoulder bag models. Prismick series of adhering to the pattern before use and building structure design, integrate 3D geometric patterns and colors and leather stitching and other avant-garde elements in autumn and winter, and continues to break the boundaries of innovation. If Ms. Vivier not carrying Prismick series package, that her choice must be redefined the modern workplace and stylish Metro Square series. Whatever their choice, Roger Vivier are visible in Sexy Cult series respected mature fashion, but there are some elements of fantasy sexy elegant Parisian fashion, which is inspired by Bruno Frisoni core. This season the main push of the package series, its aesthetic style launch by a fanatical following, fiery extent still continues to heat up. Designers in the creation of this bag –Joseph from German artist Beuys artwork inspired by the legend of the original gray suede felt replaced it, and inspired by the master Roger Vivier, this material and geometry of the mirror patent leather clever stitching. Bruno Frisoni great tote and clutch design talent, he would combine elements of the two cultures, and the use of the iconic lines of the whole design very modern elegance. Prismick Mirror has two compartments and a zippered pouch central, very suitable to carry out, and there is light golden metal chain can be worn in two methods.