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Bottega Veneta Cabat woven handbag is one of the most famous classic style brand, carrying out a low-key, restrained but both quality and luxury design, exquisite handmade weaving became its distinctive logo. Look at this bag’s name, we know that it is definitely one of the masters of the style BV Bottega, Bottega Veneta meaning in Italian is “Made in Veneta’s Workshop.” So Veneta bag perennial occupy the most prominent position in the store’s inside Bottega Veneta BV, BV also annually some different colors, materials Veneta bag.

Cabat, derived from the French, meaning “basket.” This handbag Edge kerf-free law, can not see any of the joints and sutures. From the inside to the outside of exquisite sense, all in one. Wrap presents its iconic Bottega Venta intrecciato woven leather texture. Production process is extremely time-consuming to classic ladies Cabat, for example, needs to be the top two Nappa lambskin upper and lower bonding as a whole. After the cut strips, then by artisans shuttle woven material costs the equivalent of four leather. Its sophisticated process, and only Bottega Veneta 10 most senior eligible to participate in the production of leather craftsmen, each Cabat takes a full two days.

United States finest materials and exquisite handmade process, so Bottega Veneta Cabat became iconic of a single product, the successful balance in an elegant and practical, and ultimately by many celebrities, celebrities and collectors of all ages. BV family style, we have introduced Bottega Veneta Cabat, Bottega Veneta Knot, Bottega Veneta Roma and Bottega Veneta Cubo. Today introduced Bottega Veneta BV is one of the masters of the style –Veneta. Bottega Veneta Veneta Hobo typical dumplings, soft texture, light, back up quite comfortable. And light weight, as a leisure package quite appropriate.

Cabat was born in 2001, personally designed by Creative Director Tomas Maier. Cabat The word comes from the French “basket”, handbags literally shape as wide as casual. As one of the representatives of the Italian luxury brand, Cabat’s design is so unique, it’s a package body can not find any prominent brand logo, the use of one-piece seamless knitting technology to produce the craft. When England making, weaving artisans need to be cut to equal the entire strip of leather, and then the same two leather Bohou down superimposed, after molding and then through waxing. Such harsh and complicated production process generally takes 2-3 artisans about four days to complete, so Cabat annual production is extremely limited. It is said that each model, each color handbags global only limited production 300-600, while buying only classic black, dark brown color in the season and a few to choose from. In 2009, after, Replica Bottega Veneta Handbags launched a tie-dye process Cabat handbags, raw leather, dyed and then will go through the brush to dry naturally, so the final results of each bag will be unique, with number plate lined with metal, but also demonstrates the only expansive identity.

Like Replica Bottega Veneta classic Handbags advertising slogan said, “When Your Own Initials are Enough”, when you taste enough to represent your title, you also need other superfluous I modified it? It is with unique technology and design, Cabat harvest a large number of star fans, including Faye Wong. From classic black to the brightest large bright red, blue lake styles are all in the bag, along with numerous street shooting Faye shape appeared, has become popular in the days of Queen package. With the most pristine preparation techniques, creating a bag in the “advanced customization.” With a low-profile design, the achievements of enduring luxury brands. In addition to the introductory paragraph, Cabat Bag quarter will launch a new color models, its price increases of about 20%. Be like in 2008 Cabat bag launched a vintage bronze version, this handbag with dark brown Nappa lambskin basement, hand brush after two golden film, to be woven, and finally a layer of brown painted and hand-wiped, manufacturing an antique feel .2010 Bottega Veneta winter series draws inspiration from nature, insects elements throughout the women’s series, Cabat Bag has also been painted fluorescent green firefly metal, graded out at the mouth of the bronze package, multilayered color and hand-colored hand-wiping techniques to create a psychedelic effect fashion.