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Replica Dior bag collection series of colors and flower romantic spring, converging to a bright, attractive, fresh garden: gradient colored flowers covered the entire bag body, attracting Crystal Butterfly “docked” to one side; verdant green moving “Jungle” woven bag beside habitat “python” “Crocodile” and other animal leather Lady Dior bag. After reading the entire Lady Dior 2013 spring and summer series, are like Miss Dior opened the Secret Garden, sounded the spring lunged. 2011 Spring and Summer Lady Dior joined the pearls, beading and other elements of roses, either warm golden evening handbags, or patent leather handbag big red texture, are filled with a bright sunshine, autumn and winter 2012, this warm temperament still be retained, see Marion. Cotillard in the Hamptons beach smile you know, enjoy the sun, love life, the pursuit of wisdom Dior girl. This is the Dior woman’s personality, never stop, endless eternity.

Lady Dior and Tod’s D Bag same can be said Diana helped popularize. Since the introduction of the Tod’s D Bag, of course, not favoritism, and also it said Lady Dior’s history now. Also known as Diana?Replica Christian?Dior bag, the name is Tod’s D Bag can not match, so it was only a bag is named. History Lady Dior bag a lot of people know, when Princess Diana in 1995 to attend the “Cezanne exhibition,” was the former French president’s wife gave her to this package. After the United States since then, when Princess Diana attended many events are photographed carrying this bag. For example, go to Birmingham to visit the children’s home, on a state visit to Argentina in Birmingham charity visits, Replica Handbags Lady Dior has become synonymous with “beauty and charity,” the. In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diana, after her own consent, this package can be renamed.

Variations: Lady Dior’s classic design elements, is “cannage” the m word vine Plaid, two short handles, a long shoulder strap, metal DIOR letter pendants decorated, simple and elegant. The price of the basic models generally 20,000 yuan to succeed, and this year the price of just one. Now often introduce new colors and materials to the slightest change in patent leather models, satin models, soft bag models, etc., a choice of getting bigger. By the way, it seems Lady Dior recently began windy. Network Reds seem to be choking mouth peppers in the back of a nude color number after Lady Dior, many fans follow suit, holding a picture directly to the counter only to be named. I really hope people with Lady Dior, can take a look at the history of this bag. UK Each bag should have its own story behind it, so as to have so little precipitation sense .Lady Dior design, Diana package design is simple and elegant, simple square-inclusive, with no frills, just pack the last four letters DIOR hanging metal impounded. This is what brought us Dior couture spirit, showing the classic luxury in simplicity. Black leather money bag day Princess Diana favored both practical and aesthetic, but also the Lady Dior original style. Diamond lattice edge above the company’s products are unique Dior logo, it is called “cannage”, translated as rattan Plaid, inspired by one of Napoleon III’s rattan chair pattern.

This is a masterpiece of Dior luxury leather products, its rigorous architectural style perfect shape presents classic charm. The top technology for the build from the finest leather, its conception, production, and suturing process more haute couture dress production process comparable. It not only reflects the extraordinary Dior craft skills, and a strong witness of Christian Dior’s rich cultural identity. Its wonderful vine Plaid pattern reminiscent of Mr. Dior on the Avenue Montaigne, held on the 30th selection of clothing salon chair during the 18th century. Lady Dior obvious vine Plaid pattern innovative and yet traditional, it is not just a simple decoration, and has become a symbol of the Christian Dior company’s cultural heritage. Handbag with gold pendant letter, Mr. Dior is feeling lucky charm for the love of tribute. The anecdote is to make Lady Dior has become a legend. Now, the integration of the beautiful princess and the Dior brand name after the handbag was named Lady Dior, and has become a sought after all competing products. Whether Dior Building in Ginza Japanese vine Plaid appearance, or out to the Chinese artist Li Songsong hand crafted by 6000 neon lit up “of the Lady Dior light packages in 2008” Christian Dior and Chinese Artists “exhibition site “, Lady Dior is becoming the eternal topic. Each moment of life with a woman has accompanied Lady Dior handbag, the handbag is undoubtedly an absolute classic.