Best Replica Guccir Prismick Zig Zag Banquet Bags Choice

Prismick iconic series in the spring and summer for the first time appeared in 2012, stands out for its 3D effects geometric design, an introduction to fashion favorite supporters. The 3D effect element when it appeared again this season with a variety of leather, texture and color of the creative spark fierce clashes. Series models are very stylish bag charm, whether it is with day dresses or evening dresses are very suitable, such as for night dress Prismick Snow series shoulder bag, clutch, each surface is decorated with small pearls delicately, like Gone with the Wind snow scene, poetic. Jennifer Lopez and Tina Fey wearing Roger Vivier Boite de Nuit Clutch, Boite de Nuit is Roger Vivier at the launch of the new autumn and winter 2014 handbag, looks simple, sophisticated buckle, black gold or silver to make it a perfect combination Fangruo a work of art, elegant. Keira Knightley wearing Replica Roger Vivier Prismick Clutch bright yellow dress with the same color handbag perfect match, and instantly become the focus of audience. Kristen Wiig wearing Roger Vivier Paint Box Paint Box simple lines, mirror lozenge design in light refraction exquisite, gorgeous, pure white dress with a full elegant charm. Livia Firth wearing Roger Vivier Pilgrim Pilgrim Clutch since its launch has been favored by many celebrities, slender lines with Weiwei Ya most classic diamond buckle, can easily manage with any evening, this white lace embroidery dazzling chic models Pilgrim the interpretation of luxury and technology to the extreme. The new package shape simple, clean-cut, showing a strong sense of the modern city. Simple outline of the design highlights the cathartic design and unparalleled sense of symmetry, metal chain also full of cool girls. As a traditional brand, Replica Roger Vivier Handbags concise and full of sense of structure design, capable girl for handsome. This section bag with a black suit, Jessica Alba exudes a unique charm.

Roger Vivier Prismick Zig Zag design is very characteristic, stitching, diamond lattice, like a child’s toys are generally cute and stylish! Prismick handbags family was born in 2012, by Mr. Roger Vivier creative director Bruno Frisoni design. Prior to this, Prismick footwear line because of irregular geometric diamond design and popular, Bruno Frisoni put these changes become handbag design elements decorative detail design makes stitching techniques and structures of United States memorable geometric patterns Therefore Prismick handbag has become one of the most respected brand logo design.

Roger Vivier Prismick Zig Zag stitching black and white handbag became famous Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett favorite, whether it is with Slim ably suit or full of urban-style sleeveless dress, seemed full of elegance. Prismick just launched successfully attracted a lot of star fans, in particular, can gain the hearts and minds of men stage actress, freshly baked Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett often carrying the most classic and simple black and white Prismick attend the big event. There Guey Lun Mei and Maggie Cheung, who favored a plus for Prismick after Chinese film, truly is an actress get together to make a packet. UK “Gossip Girl” in the “Queen B”, actress Leighton Meester is the number one fan Prismick, the drama off screen are holding out to the streets, oh. Another Queen Carina also often took Prismick exposure, highlights over again emphasizes the feminine personality, fashion full range of children. As a traditional brand, Roger Vivier concise and full of sense of structure design, capable girl for handsome. This section bag with a black suit, Jessica Alba exudes a unique charm.

Prismick each advertised only by Mania bag handmade by craftsmen made, each with a bag will need to use more than 20 feet of leather raw material production, production craftsmen need to spend a few days time, in order to form a unique 3D effect fine stitching detail edging. Prismick family-owned handbag features different models: Prismick Micro metal sequins or mirror chain bag, Prismick Maxi is the end of last year to join the new members handbag, Prismick Clutch evening bag is the extravagance of his hand. Of course, the pattern is amazing handmade Prismick the price has continued to rise, chic and expansive it a hundred percent, but eye-catching styling index artifact! Famous Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett, equipped with a Roger Vivier Prismick Zig Zag Black and white stitching package, and Privilege Pump high heels appeared on American television ABC “Good Morning America” scene.