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From the “Palace” to “My Fair Lady” from Baby Vox to frontline actors, with age, 26-year-old Ny skill to control the growing fashion, modeling has become increasingly Fan flavor. Replica Cartier Evening Bag white chiffon shirt with a black vest and leggings, a red Replica Cartier Marcello bag is to break the monotony of black and white conservative sense of style, and people see that deviant and full of a rational Ny. Brazilian model living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Fernanda Motta, although already 29 years old and have been further as the marriage hall, but as a supermodel, she is still active in the T station, at the same time, she was Brazil’s Next Top Model host. Accompany her busy and fulfilling life is this Cartier Marcello de Cartier. The unique design of the bag both casual and elegant, she freely shuttle in different roles in life. New York in the traditional concept, most people just want to estimate the Cartier store to buy jewelry at Tiffany & Co store to buy accessories; Handbags Louis Vuitton just want to buy Which is better, Hermes Birkin how to customize a package however. you know, in this era of individuality, buy jewelry brand bags back to back, is considered unique ah! Style still beautiful, still good material, still work fine, hit the bag a small risk. So, today I come to you recommend 10 models jewelry big handbag, you know, how can there be so confined fashion ah!

Pia Sundermann am 31 years old, lives in Berlin’s Mitte district, she had long for the German version of “Vanity Fair” as a fashion editor, cash her own company, founded his own fashionable website One of the most successful career woman, but every day and dealing with a great variety of stylish, Pia unique insights for fashion seems to have dissolved on Marcello de Replica Cartier Handbags love. Paris female artist she is a painter, a singer, but also a dance enthusiast. 30. Ara Starck been to London, to the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Slade School of Fine Arts, University of London study, also visited New York, where to find and develop their own style. Cartier Evening Bag Replica finally returned to Paris, set up a studio.

Although the exhibition has been held three times, but still continue to explore a novel and a personal style of creation of the road. For her, the favorite who is riding a bike in the Louvre courtyard Cali circling, then inadvertently burst of inspiration to those installed in her red Marcello de Cartier years. The newest series Marcello Marcello de Cartier Although designed for women style, creative inspiration is from a male leather, shoulder flip cover, like a briefcase, assistance package goods in order, although hasty departure is not afraid of chaos confusion, Baoshen soft, feminine return, there are hollow and pins decorated corners and seams in the same color. The strap can adjust the length of the bag, while three sizes design. The basic materials are cattle, sheep and expansive python skin, etc., to impose handmade tanning, leather is soft, like claiming the second layer of skin.